Find Your Starting Place

If you are looking for the perfect place to build a healthcare services business from the ground up, look no further! Below you will find opportunities with both less than $2M of revenue and less than $300k of EBITDA along with a proposed purchase price. Send us an email at with each and every opportunity below you want to learn more about!

Houston, TX (License) – $250k [Deal ID: 9062357914] 
San Antonio, TX (License covers entire state) – $350k [Deal ID: 6908875185]
Riverside-San Bernardino, CA Metro (8 Census; License covers Los Angeles County, San Bernardino, Orange County & Riverside County) – $500k [Deal ID: 9848614215]
Longview, TX (0 Census, Medicare & Medicaid, license covers entire state) – $440k [Deal ID: 11360193448] 
Dallas-Fort Worth Metro, TX (License) – $300k [Deal ID: 11933814346] 
Maricopa County, AZ (License, Medicare & Medicaid) – $150k [Deal ID: 12279571764] 
Thousand Oaks, CA (Census 25, Medicare & Medicaid) – $1.75m [Deal ID: 5258496050]
Houston, TX (License, Medicare) – $350k [Deal ID: 12563358841]
Rural Northeast KS (License, Medicare, Medicaid, 4 Census) – $350k [Deal ID: 7592263764]
Houston, TX (License, Medicare, Medicaid) – $475k [Deal ID: 2457316363]

San Antonio, TX (License) – $260k [Deal ID: 6175142161]

Omaha, NE (200 Census) – $500k [Deal ID: 8547166558]


Memphis, TN – $850k ($912K Revenue, $128K Net Income) [Deal ID: 12137365862]